It is important to mention from the very beginning that Web Hosting Hub only offers shared hosting solutions. And, if you already browsed through other reviews or scanned the offers of other providers on the market, you will know that this service is divided into three packages. In the case of Web Hosting Hub, the packages are:

  • Spark – starts at $ 8.99/month
  • is their least expensive offer
  • offers free website building software
  • unlimited disk space
  • monthly data transfers
  • e-mail accounts
  • free domains
  • the ability to host 2 websites and 25 sub-domains
  • 10 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases


  • Nitro – starts at $12.00/month
  • is their middle offer
  • offers free website building software
  • unlimited disk space
  • monthly data transfers
  • e-mail accounts
  • free domain
  • unlimited websites and unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Choice of data center
  • 20% discount for web design


  • Dynamo – starts at $ 16.99/month
  • is the recommendation for highly trafficked sites
  • more server resources
  • offers free website building software
  • unlimited disk space
  • monthly data transfers
  • e-mail accounts
  • free domain
  • unlimited websites and unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Choice of data center
  • 30% discount for web design

These packages may be subjected to further discounts, lowering the costs to $ 2.99/month for the Spark package, $4.99/month for the Nitro package, and $ 6.99/month for the Dynamo package.

The Nitro and the Dynamo packages offer customers the choice of the data center that will host their website. Web Hosting Hub has two data centers, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. The East Coast center is located in Washington and it provides services for Eastern USA, Europe, South America, and Africa. The West Coast center is located in Los Angeles and it provides services for Western USA, Australia, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Unfortunately, Web Hosting Hub does not offer the option of VPS, dedicated server or managed WP hosting. This means that, should you have plans of increasing your online business and you may need more resources, you will have to transfer to another provider.




Their customer service is among the most appreciated features of Web Hosting Hub. This is a US based team, knowledgeable and proficient in helping new clients and new website owners. As soon as you sign up, you are contacted by one of their agents to confirm the purchase. You will be asked about your experience in the field, so that they can get an idea of how much help you are going to need. Once the phone conversation is over, you get an e-mail with detailed information on anything you need to know for starters.

Nothing is left to chance. Your calls, e-mails, and live chat messages are quickly answered and all agents are divided into dedicated departments. This means that, depending on your query, you will get to talk to a person trained in the area. And if you have the time and the knowledge to find an answer for yourself, know that there is a good FAQ section and tutorials to guide you through.

Their interface is simple and easy to use; unlike the more technical looking interface mainly professionals would know how to use. The free website builder comes with the ‘5 minute website’ feature, especially appealing for first timers.

The service really is reliable and safe to use. Their Uptime is 99.9%, tested and guaranteed by other reviewers. The security features are just as good, just that you need to pay for the extras:

  • The McAfee Virus and Anti-Spam Protection has a starting cost of $ 1.39/month
  • The Secure Socket Locker (SSL) certificate costs $ 99/year
  • They perform automated daily website backups and it only costs $ 1/month to secure an up to 10 GB website, and get free account restoration once every four months.

There is the option to get guided website creation. As expected, this is a paid feature. For custom design packages, the cost is of $ 119. The Nitro package gets a 20% discount, while the Dynamo package gets a 30% discount.

Tech Profile

This hosting service claims to offer:

  • cPanel
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • 9% Uptime

Marketing Features

This hosting service claims to offer:

  • Google, Yahoo, and Bing free advertising credits worth between $ 75 and $250, depending on the type of package
  • Free Website Builder
  • SEO tools
  • AWStats
  • Softaculous app library to install the content management system
  • Supports WordPress, Joomla, and Website Baker
  • Guided website creation
  • 500 pre-installed templates to help people design their own websites

Costs Concerns

Rest assured as their money back guarantee is of 90 days. It is not the longest period on the market (97 days), but it still beats the standard 30 days period and even the generous 60 days period other providers offer.

The prices are considerably low, especially since their only services are for shared hosting. And they can even go lower with special promotions. However, know that you cannot sign up for a monthly payment basis. Hence the extended money-back guarantee period.

All advanced features are available at fair prices and the packages, although well rounded, are not restrictive in any way.


  • There is no possibility to pay on a monthly basis.
  • The advanced features are available as add-ons.
  • There is no VPS hosting, no dedicated server service, and no managed WP hosting.


Web Hosting Hub is a solid competitor on the web hosting market. Recommendations are for people who are only starting out and who want to try their hand at a simple to manage, accessible system. For anything bigger than a personal blog or a small to medium business, you should look at something with more complex services. Otherwise, the provider is very reliable and gives great value for money.