Product description

Network Solutions offers shared hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions. There is no dedicated server option, yet the VPS offer is pretty good and you can get that for the price of VPS.

The shared hosting plan contains three packages:

Essential Plan – perfect for a small business

  • For a starting price of $ 2.99 per month
  • 300 GB storage space
  • 1000 email addresses
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Professional Plan – recommended for a larger online operation

  • For a starting price of $3.99 per month
  • 500 GB of data storage
  • 2500 email addresses
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A collection of templates and a catalog of stock images
  • An extensive open-source library
  • File-sharing

Premium Plan – specially created for businesses and administrators who wish to manage several sites at a time

  • For a starting price of $36.95 per month
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Full range of templates to choose from
  • FTP access
  • Easy PHP, Joomla or Drupal installation
  • Marketing package
  • eCommerce add-on

The Virtual Private System  (VPS) offers three packages:

VPS Essential – starts at $40 per month

  • 10 GB of storage space
  • 500 GB of bandwidth
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 500 GB of monthly data transfers
  • The possibility to manage more than 1 website with server management
  • Full root access
  • Greater control over company resources
  • Virtualization tools

VPS Professional – starts at $ 80 per month

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 2 TB of monthly data transfers
  • 200 email accounts
  • 50 GB of disk space


Network Solutions offers an easy to use website builder with over 200 customizable templates to choose from. nsWebsite TM comes with a drag and drop editor, and it lets you add forums, blogs and maps. However, some people who are a bit less tech savvy complained about having difficulties in coping with the system. They claim that it took some time getting used to it. Even so, once they got used to the procedure, things became easier to understand.

In reality, experienced users will be more appreciative of some of the features. One of them is the basic HTML animation. This feature is included in the Network Solutions packages, but it must be paid extra with other providers.

If you are a fan of cPanel, then rest assured! Network Solutions has it. So you can enjoy the possibility to create the website you and your business needs.

To this we add the reliability of the system and the efforts made to provide a secure online environment for your business to grow. This means good Uptime, within the 99.99% parameters. Also, state of the art equipment that protects your data, spread across the world in different centers. Therefore, all efforts have been made for you to feel like your business is safe.

Tech support is nice and handy. Moreover, once you sign up, an agent is assigned to you in particular. However, this service is paid extra. If you wish to stick to the regular offer, know that you can contact an agent via phone (there are dedicated phone numbers for various concerns, so you can always talk to a well-informed agent) or e-mail, and that you can find all the useful information in forums, instructional videos, tutorials and in the FAQ section on their site. You can reach them on Facebook and Twitter. Also, their ticket system is very efficient and you will enjoy working with it. There is no live chat, though.

Tech Profile

The hosting service claims to offer:

  • Starting at 300 GB space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99% Uptime
  • MySQL databases
  • FTP accounts
  • cPanel
  • SSL certificate
  • Easy to manage Web Hosting Toolbox


Marketing Features

The hosting service claims to offer:

  • Free Website Builder
  • WordPress hosting
  • ASP, JSP
  • Marketing package that submits the site to local search engines on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • E-mail Marketing, possibility to create a merchant account

Costs per Packages

Some have said that with the add-ons that bring the real value of the service, Network Solutions may be on the pricy side. Let’s see what this means. We’ll start by mentioning the 30-days money back guarantee, which is standard and needed to be said only to get it out of the way.

Apart from offering their clearly defined packages, Network Solutions offers the possibility to opt for WordPress hosting packages for $ 9.85 per month. This is just in case all you need is a WordPress blog. It has the same offer for SharePoint, at $ 7.74 per month.

There is a web hosting and marketing package that costs $ 3.99 per month and that makes your website locally visible on all major search engines. For $4.99 per month, you can get the package that gives you the ability to sell and promote products on your site, as well as accept card payments. There is also the $ 8.99 per month eCommerce add-on. This one gives you control of your products, clients and orders, and lets you create a merchant account.

The more you want security features, the more complex they become and the more you have to pay for them. Take SSL for example, at a starting price of $ 69.99 per year.


  • There are no dedicated server hosting options.
  • Once you sign up a new domain name, you have to pay for some of the additional features.
  • No live chat for customer support.
  • Too many options may seem overwhelming for first-timers. Many of them are meant for people who have experience.
  • The VPS Professional package is far from impressive.
  • Although the packages may seem to be at accessible prices, once you do the math and you include all the add-ons you need, it might prove a bit pricy. Also, you might not always know exactly what you have paid for. You will need to check the detailed billing information from time to time.
  • Some people have found the interface confusing and not easy to use.


Network Solutions is a feature packed option. And we say feature packed literally, in the sense that people only discovering the numerous possibilities of website hosting will feel overwhelmed. Other than that, experienced users will enjoy some of the features other providers tax extra for.